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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Food serving for vegetarians und vegans

Le mardi, 20 août 2013 21.30:51, Wookey a écrit :
> The food was fine, and pleasing everyone is always tricky, and I
> certainly don't want to come across as complaining, but I'd have
> preferred to eat more veggie/less meat. (I refrained from the
> explicitly veggie stuff for fear of depleting the supply for others,
> as instructed).

For the record, as one of the food coordinators for DC13, I do agree 
that the "omnivore" option was quite heavy on meat and that we could 
have done with less of it.

One social thing to consider though is that when one buys "omnivore" 
food from a caterer for a higher price than for non-meat food [0], there 
is an incentive for him to provide meat at each meal, because not 
providing enough meat could lead to omnivores complaining about paying 
for meat, and only geting some once a week. AFAIK, in most cultures, 
"good omnivore food" most often means "as much meat as one can get" 
(usually because meat has historically been a food reserved to the 
richer), unfortunately.

That leads nicely to my second point: the usual dietary recommendation 
(at least in .ch) is to have roughly once fish and once meat per week. 
This should be enough for your dietary needs and have a smaller impact 
on the ressources. I think that getting "down" to this would certainly 
make lots of "omnivore" attendees feel weird about it, but going a 
little more in that direction would certainly not hurt, IMHO.



[0] In the DC13 case, the meals were paid the same price no matter the 
variation though, so it weakens the argument.

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