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Re: [Debconf-discuss] DC13 photos for the venue folks

Quoting martin f krafft (madduck@debconf.org):
> Photographers!
> The folks behind Le Camp would really like to add a picture or two
> of our use of their space to their website. They are aware of
> licencing/copyright issues and won't just pull anything off the Web,
> but if you've made a photo that you think shows off really nicely
> how our conference blended in with the campus, and you would make it
> available for Le Camp to be published on their website, then let
> Didier know (or myself).

Any picture of mine that can be found on gallery.debconf.org can be
used freely. I don't bother putting a licence on my pictures, so
please consider them to be public domain. Of course, usual precautions
wrt people appearing on the pictures may apply.

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