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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Special session of Lightning Talks, today at 20:00, second talk room

Hi again, 

thank you very much for everyone who showed up at the session and big
thanks to all the speakers.
The session was really a success, and it definitely has been (at least to
us) food for thought.

Francesca and Enrico

ps: I have been asked if it's possible to have an anonymized summary of
the session. @ all speakers: is it ok for you? I haven't taken notes but
I think I'll be able to remember the main points of each talk.

"Nessuna conquista è per sempre. C'è sempre qualcuno che è
interessato a toglierla. Per cui resistere non è solo un 
dovere, ma una necessità dei giovani, altrimenti non si 
va avanti!"
Maria Cervi

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