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[Debconf-discuss] Assassins: a serial killer is among us

${someone} achieved his|her 4th kill tonight. So it turns out that we
have a serial killer among us. However, I'm confident that the very
skilled, trained, shaped person who is hungint him|her is able to
deliver us from the fear of being sockified in the dark.

For the record, I'll have my phone with me during the daytrip,
including data access. So assassins completing a kill can come at me
in order to register their killing in the woods and mountains.

New rule (just like in some game one should not name, rules may pop up
from time to time):
0.25 bonus point for killing someone at Creux du Van or Neuchatel. 0.5
full bonus point for killing someone in a bus during the daytrip.
1 bonus point for killing your target on the boat during the
conferece dinner.

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