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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Problem with ICS calendar data from Penta

On 13300 March 1977, Armin Haas wrote:

>> if you are having problems importing the ICS file from Penta into
>> your local calendar, try
>>   s,TZID=CET,TZID=Europe/Zurich,g
>> on the downloaded file. I found that CET isn't properly interpreted
>> by the Mozilla tools.
> I changed TZID to CEST and additionally needed to change TZOFFSETFROM
> and TZOFFSETTO from -0600 to 0000 to get the time displayed correctly
> in the overview.

I adjusted CET to say CEST now. That at least shouldn't introduce bugs
with whatever random software that arent there now. Changing to Foo/Bar

Martin: Does this work for you?

Now, where do people see TZOFFSET{FROM,TO}, thats not in the file? Or is
that something from your client?

bye, Joerg
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