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[Debconf-discuss] debian workflows exchange

This is my first debconf and one of my objetives of coming here was to
pick up some debian work's workflow

In the newbie session yesterday come out the idea of how the mundane
easy task for some people in their daily debian's work, is really
interesting for others just to watch "over their shoulders".

I thought it would be really interesting to set up a wiki[0], where
ppl can put their names, a place, a time and some workflow is willing
to share, so people can join them to "watch over their shoulders".
Maybe even with a projector in some unused room or after the talks, or
if just a bunch of people is interested in a regular table with a
laptop :)

For people willing to share some of their workflows, maybe is the
perfect time to try to recruit some mindless drones for those task
that you need some help with ;)



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