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[Debconf-discuss] Keysigning at DebConf13 (was: Call for keys for keysigning in Vaumarcus, Switzerland)

tl;dr: keysigning Monday 18:15 main talk room, short session

> Martin F Krafft will announce the KSP time and venue of
> a discussion/information session about the kesigning during
> DebConf13. It will be followed by a KSP.

Actually, it won't. ;)

The informational session will be on Monday at 18:15 (right after
the last talk and BoFs end, and just before dinner) in the main talk

This session will only last a few minutes. As you may have expected,
I'll have a thing or two to say about keysigning and then we'll
verify hashes.

The actual signing of keys is then your own task, and you have the
rest of the conference to trade signatures. No more two-hour
sessions. Yay!

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