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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Bicycle?

Am Dienstag, den 23.07.2013, 18:35 +0200 schrieb Christian PERRIER:
> Quoting Bruno Kleinert (fuddl@debian.org):
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > I consider taking my mountainbike with me to explore the area around
> > Vaumarcus a bit. Does anybody else plan to take a bicycle to DC?
> At least Andreas Tille, sure.
> I'd definitely recommend doing that for people who enjoy moutain
> bike. I will personnally explore the same area, but mostly by running
> in the (very early) mornings, but the various paths and unpaved roads
> that climb up to the Jura moutain heights are certainly worth it.
> There are also plans for the DayTrip that might include hiking (a very
> though one) or cycling (though too!) up to the "Creux du Van".
> So, definitely bring your bike, sure!

That's good to know and since also Lucas replied that he will take his
mountainbike with him, maybe we can build a group for some cycling
through mountains.

I will take my outdoor GPS for the bicycle with me, *IF* I manage to
find out how to make it work with Swiss maps...

Did anybody of the cyclists already plan a tour?

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