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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Travelling by train from France

Quoting Martín Ferrari (2013-07-23 16:39:09)
> I was researching train tickets to go to DC13, and found that 
> voyages-sncf.fr does not recognise yverdon-les-bains, and only 
> suggests yverdon (which I cannot find in a map). I assume it is the 
> same thing, but then it suggests different trains than the ones I see 
> in bahn.de or in sbb.ch (which sucks big time to find tickets).
> So, anyone knows about this? Or any recommendation of where to buy the 
> tickets? (bahn.de does not sell them, and sbb won't tell me prices 
> until I selected every part of the trip)

bahn.de (and bahn.com - same thing essentially) has special discount for 
going to/from Germany.  What I found cheapest was buying one ticket from 
Denmark to a transit city in Germany, and then an independent ticket 
from that city to Switzerland.

 - Jonas

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