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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Online maps of Switzerland?

Quoting Bruno Kleinert (fuddl@debian.org):

> You can also go to http://www.vttrack.fr/ and select the SwissTopo "fond
> de carte". 
> Mmmh, I might bring my mountain bike :)

You definitely should, yes..:-). Tracks on "Mont Aubert" just above
Vaumarcus (with nearly 1000m height difference) of "La Chaille",
really seem quite promising.

Thanks for the hint with VTTrack. I need to check if it's possible to
draw a track oneself (which is what I usually do on
www.openrunner.com....but that one only has French IGN).

Edit: yes, that's possible, though I didn't find a way to have the
track follow routes on the map (something you can do on OpenRunner).

Doh, I'll need to save time for hacking, it seems..:-)

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