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Re: [Debconf-discuss] day trip on bikes? (was: Question about acomodation and bike renting.)

On 26/04/13 17:59, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Hi Marcin,
> Le jeudi, 25 avril 2013 22.21:13, Marcin Kulisz a écrit :
>> I'm planning to go to debconf13 (my 1st debconf ever :-) ) only problem I
>> have is an ultimatum from my better half (read wife) that we must cycle a
>> bit around and visit CERN.
> Are you aware of the distance between Vaumarcus and CERN ? That at least looks 
> like a serious effort for a one-day trip. But Switzerland is a nice place for 
> biking, I hope you'll enjoy it.

DebConf->CERN 107km: to put it in context, for a serious cyclist that
would be a good Sunday morning ride, but it is not for everybody.

Most of the lakes in Switzerland provide a good opportunity for a long
ride (2-3 hours), especially if you go clockwise around the lake to
minimise the number of road junctions where you might have to stop. 
Lake Neuchatel looks like a 90km loop.  Lake Zurich clockwise is very
popular with cyclists, it is about 60km around.

For a relaxed ride, the same type of journey would probably take all day
with little stops along the way but it would be quite enjoyable. 
Organising a group bike rental would be a nice day trip option and a
nice outdoor complement to the CERN option.

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