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Re: [Debconf-discuss] proposals for DebConf14 +

Hi Daniel,

it would be great if you would inject these suggestions into the "call
for papers" system of DebConf 13.  I do not see in how far this is a hot
topic for now nor do I think that mailing list discussion will really
help to enhance the process drastically.

Looking foreward to join your BoF in Le Camp


On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 08:49:21PM +0100, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Clearly, everybody was frustrated at various times with the decision
> making processes from country selection through to budget approval and
> venue selection for DebConf13.
> Here are my suggestions about how it could be changed:
> a) only one-off sponsorship (e.g. local university or government money)
> to be handled by local team - ongoing sponsors and industry sponsors to
> be managed by Debian global fund-raising - I believe this overlaps with
> comments from some other people about how these relationships could be
> best managed
> b) in lieu of the above, Debian itself would guarantee to contribute EUR
> 50,000 (or maybe more) to DebConf (currently it is cost-neutral for
> Debian) - so the bidders won't feel that they have to start with nothing
> each new DebConf year.  Furthermore, they will be able to go to local
> authorities, venues, etc and say "we have at least EUR 50,000 to spend
> and 300 people will come, will you help our event?" and it sounds a lot
> better than saying "we have no budget yet, but we want your help"
> c) the bid teams would have to provide more evidence (e.g. final venue
> prices and at least one major sponsor, or evidence of government help)
> but those things would also be easier to get thanks to (b)
> d) the bid decision would then happen slightly later (e.g July instead
> of March) - but on the other hand, the decision would give the team an
> immediate authorisation to sign a contract, not leaving them in limbo
> for 6-8 months
> In particular, I don't think it is about blaming the venue, the country
> or the people, (is any country perfect?), it's just about optimizing the
> process
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