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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Going to Nicaragua from Europe: avoid Iberia

Quoting Jimmy Kaplowitz (jimmy@debian.org):

> The discount is available for most SkyTeam airlines, and it's their SkyTeam
> Global Meetings program. It applies to travel to and from the Managua airport
> (MGA) for the purpose of attending DebConf12 from June 27 to July 20. Here's
> the text provided by SkyTeam about it:


Do you think that the event period of time could be extended? As a
matter of fact, I personnally plan to travel from July 2nd up to July
31st and, it, of course, makes impossible to get the specific travel
fare as this extends outside the event time.

Of course, I would understand if this cannot be done and would like to
thank you for the work done to get this offer.

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