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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Your biggest achievement during past DebConfs (aka new DebConf promoting campaign)


* Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> [2012-02-11 16:22:02 CET]:
> We'd like to have a quote from all Debian Developers and contributors
> naming their most important technical and/or social achievement reached
> during past DebConfs.
> The quote need to be short (one or two lines) and could be something
> like:
> "During DebConfN I wrote $cool-software which we now use to do
> $cool-things"

 During debconf10 I squashed 77 RC bugs in stable (and I wasn't even in
NY ...).  It was done in the light of the RCBW done during debconf,

 Though, being on-site, probably my best achievement was during debconf9
where I noticed that the video team slept in and did manage to get the
first talk of one day onto the stream, which was the starting point in
getting involved in the video team.  In dc11 I was setting up the
external streaming server; and appart from that, it was the first
debconf that holger was happy at the start of the conference because
everything was in place for a day or two already. :)

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