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Re: [Debconf-discuss] pictures and privacy (was: my pictures so far (including the bicyle tour))

also sprach Aigars Mahinovs <aigarius@gmail.com> [2011.08.06.1941 +0200]:
> Legally there are only two real options:

Who cares about legally? I am talking decency.

> If we go the second route, then I don't think there will be very
> many human-containing photos or videos from the next Debconf, if
> any at all.

I prefer having a few good pictures *put on the Net* over a thousand
mediocre ones.

I realise that it's asking a lot for people to obtain consent prior
to taking the photos — and I agree that some of the best snapshots
are those of unaware subjects.

And quite frankly, what you do for your own, private collection, is
not my concern. I.e. if I end up in your family picturebook, so be

I suggest that in the future, DebConf adopts a codex which asks of
participants only to publish those photos for which they have
received explicit consent, before or afterwards.

So if Wouter and you and whoever else deem it worthwhile to capture
life-as-it-comes into two dimensional representations, then take
your camera over to the people you just froze into pixels, show them
the screen, and get the okay — or delete the picture.

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