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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Trains from Debconf to Munich, Koeln, Paris, London, Cambridge

On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 12:07:16AM +0530, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> BTW, there is a bus going from Germany (Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart –
> I’m offline at the moment, so this is from memory. I think it also stops
> in Munich) directly to Banja Luka. This might be an interesting option
> for the way there, especially for the Karlsruhers – Phil, what do you
> think? I don’t have any detail yet about price and comfort level,
> though.

I'd rather perfer not spending 24h in a bus[1], TBH.  Night trains sound like a
better idea to me.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

[1] From http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/tt/773f1/ which was pretty much
    the first hit on Google.

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