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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration now open for DebConf11

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org):

> Probably the best idea here is to pick something you always wanted to
> work on but never had a nice concentrated chunk of time to make any
> progress on. Failing those, there are always plenty of RC bugs to work
> on and lots of DDs to sponsor NMUs or there is usually lots of
> infrastructure work to do (dak, bts, pts/ddpo, packages.d.o, wiki,
> fonts review, buildd stuff, d-i etc). If you don't want to do those,
> then fixing all of the bugs in your packages or your team's packages
> would be good too :)

"Polishing and publishing the font packaging policy" could be a good
idea, Rogério...:-)

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