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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration now open for DebConf11

2011/4/8 Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>:

> * In the DebCamp part of the registration, the DebCamp options are:
>  + I won't be attending DebCamp
>  + I have a specific work plan for DebCamp
>  + I don't have a specific plan for DebCamp (week payment (450) required)
>  Do the people "I don't have a specific plan for DebCamp, but I am willing
>  to do some slavery Debian-related work while I am on a trip far, far away
>  from my country" have to pay for that fee?
>  This was my reason for not checking that box the past year and I see that
>  it is still there, causing me confusion once again.

Probably the best idea here is to pick something you always wanted to
work on but never had a nice concentrated chunk of time to make any
progress on. Failing those, there are always plenty of RC bugs to work
on and lots of DDs to sponsor NMUs or there is usually lots of
infrastructure work to do (dak, bts, pts/ddpo, packages.d.o, wiki,
fonts review, buildd stuff, d-i etc). If you don't want to do those,
then fixing all of the bugs in your packages or your team's packages
would be good too :)



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