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[Debconf-discuss] Motorbike trip to Banja Luka

Hi all!

Some of you maybe remember that for DebConf7 I travelled from Genève to
Edimburgh with my motorbike and maybe even more of you remember that,
while I did the same for DebConf9, I was not alone, given that Zack and
Roland joined me for an indeed beautiful trip:


For this year DebConf Zack and me are planning to arrive in Banja Luka
again with probably not the best comfort in the world (especially for
your back).  Nothing is decided yet and again the two major points are:

- dates

  I am quite free for the arrival ride, while I must be in Genève on
  Saturday, August 6th, which means that we should leave Banja Luka soon
  after DebConf ends.

- route

  The trip distance from Genève is around 1130km with motorways:
  Mont-Blanc tunnel, Milano, Venezia, Ljubljana, Zagreb and finally
  Banja Luka.  This in no way can be completed in a single day.  We have
  not discussed this in details, but a good option would be at least two
  stops somewhere on the road.

  Or we could decide to avoid tolls as much as possible, thus the trip
  distance, always from Genève, would be around 1430km: Bern, Zürich,
  München, Salzburg, Graz, Maribor and finally Banja Luka.  This will
  need at least three stops.

Is anyone else interested?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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