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[Debconf-discuss] A few Debconf questions

Hi folks,

I'm looking at possibly going to Debconf this year and have a few questions.

1) Smoking. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. My wife, who (see below) may come along too, has it worse as she gets asthma attacks after being around smoke for too long. I noticed from the web pages that smoking is permitted most places in Bosnia. What will be the smoking policy in the Debconf buildings and hotels? Do the hotels have non-smoking floors available? How about restaurants -- will most restaurants have smoke in them? (The non-smoking policy in NYC was great for me.)

2) What are the different "lux" levels for the hotel about?

3) How do I book a hotel room?  Do I need to say I'm with Debconf somehow?

4) My wife is interested in volunteering for the conference, possibly doing something like staffing the front desk. Is there a list somewhere of what volunteers are needed? Would she be able to eat the conference food if she volunteers in that way?

5) Where can I find information on the costs and expense of the bus from the Zagreb airport to Banja Luka? Does it take me directly to the hotel area?


-- John

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