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[Debconf-discuss] DebConf10 final report help: DebCamp and Debian Day


As you may know, we need to release the DebConf10 final report soon.
There are two articles someone here could help with writing:

- Debian Day

- DebCamp

Both of them could be from the perspective of an attendee.  Try to
emphasize how DebConf helps you and Debian.  As a sample outline, give
an introduction to what the event (debian day/debcamp) is, several
highlights of it, several lasting ideas that came out of it.

5-7 paragraphs is plenty, it is really short.  Don't worry about
proofreading or grammar, an english speaker will proofread it.

Please mail the list ASAP if you would like to do one of these in the
next 24-48 hours or else I will have to do it.


- richard

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