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Re: [Debconf-discuss] DebConf9 reconfirmation period started ; ends 7 June

Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@debian.org> wrote:
> > 2. prioritise early; and
> We are going to try to do many things earlier next year, including travel
> sponsorship prioritization. As for making final decisions, we can't do that
> until we know that we will have at least a certain amount of money for travel
> sponsorship, but since we are planning to start soliciting new NYC/US-specific
> sponsors for DebConf10 starting immediately after DC9, I imagine we'll reach
> that point sooner in the DC10 preparation cycle.

As soon as there's enough money in the sponsorship pot to meet
travel[person1][worst], the organisers could tell person1 to buy their
ticket as soon as it's reasonably cheap and inform them of the cost.
Then it might be might be able to move on to person2.  Of course,
grouping people should happen for practical reasons, to avoid it
blocking on person1 unnecessarily, but you get the idea.

> > 3. reimburse people for travel almost as soon as they have purchased,
> > so you can take a conservative approach to allocation (between list
> > and worst), but still get almost as far as possible down the queue.
> We only want to reimburse people when they actually show up, since it makes no
> sense to sponsor someone's travel that they don't actually take for whatever
> reason.

In general, I accept the point, but can we find a middle line between
sponsoring unapproved no-shows and possibly requiring some people to
buy Debconf travel on credit?

Anyway, we'd want to reimburse someone's sponsored travel that they
don't actually take for reasons like serious illness or death, yes?

> I only will say that, for those attendees who want to take the train to
> DebConf10, the US national passenger rail company, Amtrak, opens bookings 11
> months in advance.

Where European rail tickets can be bought earlier (UK, maybe Spain,
not sure where else), it's fairly expensive (up to 5 times the best
price IME) and without allocated seats. Better prices and seat
bookings appear about 3 months ahead.
http://www.seat61.com/UKtravel.htm#Cheap%20fares summarises the UK.

http://www.seat61.com/UnitedStates.htm#fares shows quite a range of
Amtrak fares.  Is one-price-per-train or a similar demand-link system?
If it's demand-link, the worst-price-but-poor-sponsorship-ranking v
best-price-but-risk-of-out-of-pocket dilemma needs removing first.

I'm not familiar enough with how air travel fares behave to comment on
how to enter those prices.  Seems even more complex to me.

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