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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RFH: web interface and contacts database needed

On 11239 March 1977, martin f. krafft wrote:
> also sprach Martin Albisetti <argentina@gmail.com> [2007.12.19.2255 +0100]:
>> If you don't go down that path, I can cook up something custom in PHP5
>> + PostgreSQL.
>> Just get back to me with a little detail on what it should do (and
>> what fields we need to collect), and I'll get that done fairly
>> quickly.
> Ganneff and I agreed to make this happen in pentabarf as soon as 0.3
> is deployed in February.

Jupp, its pretty simple to do in pentabarf.

> That said, I am still not convinced that this is the best approach.
> If you say it's trivial to do this in PHP5, then maybe we should
> just go ahead? I envision that the result can also be used for
> press@debian work (if it works at all).

If its done in php that strictly limits the host it will run on to on in
the UK, and while writing this I can see mhy jump up and yell at us, as
the UK has some very weird laws if you store personal data. (One reason
why pentabarf never will move there).

> Basically, it's a simple table with name, city, country, phone,
> email, magazine, and only the email address is required, everything
> else optional. There should be email confirmation, although I am not
> sure that's really necessary, if we provide a simple captcha. I will
> remove people on request, obviously, so if someone is maliciously
> subscribed (does that actually happen?), then it's only a short
> matter until it's fixed again.

Email confirm should be an easy thing (reuse what pentabarf already
has). If we go and simply make the press stuff create accounts - but
submit a little more data during account creation - then its already
there, for free.

Has the additional benefit that press people who want to attend can then
also do that using this account data. That way they only have one
account, can use the normal interface, but also edit their press related
information. (And we can make an existing account a press one by simply
changing one value).

bye Joerg
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