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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RFH: web interface and contacts database needed

also sprach Martin Albisetti <argentina@gmail.com> [2007.12.19.2255 +0100]:
> If you don't go down that path, I can cook up something custom in PHP5
> + PostgreSQL.
> Just get back to me with a little detail on what it should do (and
> what fields we need to collect), and I'll get that done fairly
> quickly.

Ganneff and I agreed to make this happen in pentabarf as soon as 0.3
is deployed in February.

That said, I am still not convinced that this is the best approach.
If you say it's trivial to do this in PHP5, then maybe we should
just go ahead? I envision that the result can also be used for
press@debian work (if it works at all).

Basically, it's a simple table with name, city, country, phone,
email, magazine, and only the email address is required, everything
else optional. There should be email confirmation, although I am not
sure that's really necessary, if we provide a simple captcha. I will
remove people on request, obviously, so if someone is maliciously
subscribed (does that actually happen?), then it's only a short
matter until it's fixed again.

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