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[Debconf-discuss] Logo for DebConf7

It's been suggested that we should choose a logo for DebConf7, to go on
the t-shirts/proceedings/advertising etc.  It would be better to have a
logo that looks good printed in one colour in outline, though it's fine
to have a colour version as well.  It would be a plus to include, or
look good next to, the Debian swirl.

The traditional way to represent Edinburgh is by a castle; if someone
can draw a nice cartoon version of a castle, then that could be fine for
a logo.

For inspiration on that front, see e.g.


As another possibility, the traditional symbol for Scotland is a
thistle; if you don't know what those look like see e.g.


We could also go down the tourist-theme-park route and use e.g. the Loch
Ness monster / a furry haggis / bagpipes even if they're not really
Scottish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagpipes#History).

Suggestions / logo submissions?


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