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[Debconf-discuss] Re: [Debconf-announce] Food / Accommodation sponsorship


> We are happy to announce that this is sorted for everyone who did apply
> in time.
> Please remember to reconfirm your attendance as announced in [1], as
> this only stays true for reconfirmed people. :)
> [1] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20070402.212802.0a128a84.en.html

If anyone has doubts about having applied in time or not, this is easy to
find out:

Go to https://penta.debconf.org/submission/dc7/person and login.

Once there, on the "Travel, accomodation and costs" tab, check the selected
value for "Accomodation"  If it says "Hostel, I need sponsorship", you are
getting sponsored accomodation at one of the DebConf Hostels.

Then go to the "General" tab and check the "Food" field.  If it says
"<Regular/Vegetarian/Vegan>, I need food sponsorship", you are getting
sponsored food at the DebConf venue.

While you are logged in, don't forget to reconfirm.

 Besitos,   {o_
     Marga. (')_

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