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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Rocking Venezuelans

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 08:04:01AM -0400, Jose Parrella wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 08:59:10AM +0200, Enrico Zini escribió:
>>A little ago I've read the news that Venezuela is going to train 400000
>>people on basic Linux use.  Four hundred thousands.  YOU ROCK!
>>The courses were due to start on June, 12th, which is two days ago.
>>I'm very curious about it.  How are they going?
>There are actually three programs right now. The first one is the Free
>Software Academy, which is not so big (aimed to groups of 50 people per
>month or so) but is getting stronger in the countryside. The second is
>the Free Software Laboratory which is an opportunity for everyone in the
>Free Software community to participate in the process of migrating the
>Public Administration. The third one is the Technological Literacy
>program, aiming to teach people how to use a computer using GNU/Linux
>(specifically Gnome). You said 400K people will be trained, politicians
>said 2 million people will [1] (in spanish).
>About the first program, it's working for almost a year now. It has
>local chapters in several cities and the curricula was studied by the
>Pedagogic University for compliance with teaching standards. The
>Laboratory is now approved by decree, yet still is not clear how the
>community will participate on that. The Literacy program has not
>practically initiated, but they're migrating the remaining Internet
>cafes to GNU/Linux so they have the infrastructure to go on with the
>On June 11th., the director of the IT National Center said that the
>"migration process should choose between the thoroughly tested and
>renowned Red Hat, SuSe and Debian", which is an advance considering that
>the previous director of his office made a statement promoting Red Hat
>as the distribution of choice. He was fired right the way. Yesterday, at
>the Department of Science and Technology, I found out that the whole IT
>Office is using Debian. From security people to the big bosses, everyone
>there uses Debian. They even have their own mirror, and everyone is
>Synaptic-ing packages without yelling about lack of support :)

Sending this to -project.

Best Regards,

Aníbal Monsalve Salazar

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