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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Rocking Venezuelans

Enrico Zini escribió:
> I'm very curious about it.  How are they going?

There are actually three programs right now. The first one is the Free
Software Academy, which is not so big (aimed to groups of 50 people per
month or so) but is getting stronger in the countryside. The second is
the Free Software Laboratory which is an opportunity for everyone in the
Free Software community to participate in the process of migrating the
Public Administration. The third one is the Technological Literacy
program, aiming to teach people how to use a computer using GNU/Linux
(specifically Gnome). You said 400K people will be trained, politicians
said 2 million people will [1] (in spanish).

About the first program, it's working for almost a year now. It has
local chapters in several cities and the curricula was studied by the
Pedagogic University for compliance with teaching standards. The
Laboratory is now approved by decree, yet still is not clear how the
community will participate on that. The Literacy program has not
practically initiated, but they're migrating the remaining Internet
cafes to GNU/Linux so they have the infrastructure to go on with the

On June 11th., the director of the IT National Center said that the
"migration process should choose between the thoroughly tested and
renowned Red Hat, SuSe and Debian", which is an advance considering that
the previous director of his office made a statement promoting Red Hat
as the distribution of choice. He was fired right the way. Yesterday, at
the Department of Science and Technology, I found out that the whole IT
Office is using Debian. From security people to the big bosses, everyone
there uses Debian. They even have their own mirror, and everyone is
Synaptic-ing packages without yelling about lack of support :)



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