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[Debconf-discuss] RE: [Debconf-announce] DebConf6 Over - Thanks to all and pictures forthe gallery

May I express my thanks to Joerg as well!


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As you probably know by now: DebConf6 is over! It was an excellent event
at a nice location with some amazing network details - such as 1.8km of
cable to get all our areas linked into the local network, and having a
fiber link into the tower - with 10mbit hubs.

We would like to say thank you to all the people who helped to run and
organize this conference, taking on tasks such as

  * Getting the reception to do the right things at the right time
  * Running our info desk, handling a very broad set of tasks
  * Getting the local network running, including all the cables and
    wireless parts
  * Getting the uplink running
  * Maintaining the local servers and video machines
  * Recording videos of the talks, workshops and BoFs
  * Managing the sound equipment
  * Streaming the videos to the world
  * Printing name tags and food tickets
  * Packing the bags for the participants
  * Managing Talks
  * Collecting food tickets
  * Laundry management
  * Translating Spanish to English, and vice versa
  * Maintaining the schedule
  * Taking people to the medical service
  * Making T-Shirts
  * Managing the Formal Dinner
  * Tidying up
  * Arranging a great day trip
  * Translating texts
  * All the tasks we missed to mention here but still got done

Additional thanks go to all the people who lent us their hardware, our
sponsors for making the event possible in the first place (see the full
list at debconf6.debconf.org), and to all the attendees who managed to
keep on smiling even when things didn't always turn out as expected.

While we are at it: There is a central gallery for DebConf6 behind
gallery.debconf.org. As it is open for everyone, just create a user
there and send a little mail to gallery-admins@debconf.org to get your
account activated.

We would like to have this as a central point for all pictures taken at
DebConf6 (and all prior / following DebConf-Events), so we would really
appreciate if you can (in addition to your own gallery) upload the
pictures from DebConf6 or all prior events you attended there.

bye Joerg
<Maulkin> Damned Inselaffen. Oh, wait, that's me.

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