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Re: Road Trip from Germany et al


On Thursday 31 March 2005 15:32, Sven Luther wrote:
> What about a bus ? Also, it depends if you drive to northern germany and
> take a ferry there, in which case it is maybe 8 hours dependending from
> where you leave, or go through poland/rusland/letonia or whatever, and take
> the fery from there.

Yup. A bus (=more people) should also be more fun. Going thru Denmark and 
Sweden and then take a ferry to Finland also isn't that far...

At the moment I'm not sure how to get _to_ HELsinki as I'm planning to arrive 
early (around 1st-3rd of july). 

So I'm thinking more of a relaxed "sightseeing" trip _back_. And not to go 
back home but to whatthehack! (see http://www.whatthehack.org for more... 
starts ) - anybody else thinking about doing this ?


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