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Re: Airline partnerships (was: Sponsors)

Hi martin (2014.09.14_21:23:17_+0200)
> Obviously, we are interested in working on long-term relationships
> here!

Any relationship with Lufthansa would be good for be useful for the Cape
Town bid, as they code-share with SAA. Unfortunately, neither Lufthansa
or SAA fly directly from Europe to Cape Town, one has to go via JNB.

BA, and KLM fly direct to CPT and would also be useful partnerships.

Their alliances, OneWorld and SkyTeam, seem to offer applicable
conference discounts, but they look small.

For most delegates, I'd imagine the ~15% discount we could expect to
receive from an official conference airline won't be enough to affect
their airline choice.  Differences in price between the cheapest tickets
are usually a lot bigger than this, as are layover considerations.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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