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Re: Conference Format

also sprach Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> [2014-09-01 04:11 +0200]:
> DebConf15 seems to be going back to the traditional format
> http://debconf15.debconf.org/dates.xhtml

The reason is that we don't have labour day, as did DC14, so there
are only really 9 days (Sat through Sun+1) and that's not really
that much of time.

Also, we are receiving a lot of feedback that DebCamp was duly
missed. I think it'll be good to have it, but also to reinstate the
"sprints" idea, i.e. DebCamp exists for teams to have sprints, not
just for people to come early for prolonged partying.

As regards to the DebianDay idea: yes, I think this was flawed all
along because it's too strenuous to organise a second event. Heck,
at DC8 we even tried to do it in a different city!

So our idea is to schedule talks of a wider interest on the first
weekend (starting the conference on Saturday in such a way that
it'll be interesting and easy for locals to get to, but not the end
of the world if people from afar arrive in the evening) and invite
the broad masses. We call it the Open(ing) Weekend.

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