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Re: Sponsors


Off the top of my head:
TIA - slow, unreliable!!! Technology Innovation Agency (government).

Woolworths, SABreweries etc may be interesting - my agenda here is that I think these are companies who could get behind hacking and biology (biology as in food, beer, water, sustainability stuffs - so this is a rather personal agenda I have...)

Also, Silicon Cape might have some advice or links, networks to share.

Georg Lerm from Arduino Cape Town got very excited when we partnered for a TEDx xLab and got goodies in no time, I think we could try ask him to go after sponsorship, he seems to be that sort of guy.

The other nice thing of the 'exhibition' discussed in another thread with the public orientated focus is that we can then create much more of a value offering to sponsors - in terms of them being noticed and being able to exhibit themselves. I have learnt some bits on what stuff sponsors want. Here I think we need to invest a bit into a good marketing strategy (both pre- and post-). Max Kaizen and Robyn Farah are a few of many that can help. Social media & possibly television obviously big, here.

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 9:56 PM, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:
We need to start reaching out to sponsors. There are many non-local
regular DebConf sponsors, but funding the conference usually requires
a reasonable amount of local sponsorship.

I think we should go after the usual Cape Town suspects:


Flying a couple of hundred people to Cape Town is going to be rather
expensive. Maybe we should talk to airlines?

For past Wikimania bids, we got some interest from local government.
Maybe that's worth pursuing... Government sponsorship tends to be hard
to get, hard to use, hard to lock in, and generally unreliable, but they
do have lots of money to spend.


Stefano Rivera
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