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Conference Format

The conference is usually about 7 days long, with ~2 talk tracks, and ~2
BoF tracks. The first day is "Debian Day", that has talks more aimed at
the general community, than Debian contributors, and expects to get a
large number of visitors from the local community.

Somewhere in the middle is a day trip.

And usually, there's a DebCamp before the DebConf, that allows the
organisers a chance to set things up, and other people to spend quality
hacking time, together. Sponsorship for attendance to DebCamp requires a
work plan, and submitting a report to debian-devel afterwards.
DebCamp is fairly small, compared to the conference-proper.

This year, DebConf14 took a different format. There was no DebCamp, or
BoF tracks. Instead, the number of talk slots per day were restricted,
and there were "hacking time" mornings/afternoons scattered throughout
the schedule. All 3 talk rooms had video coverage, and BoF sessions
could be scheduled during the hacking time, on request. The conference
was stretched out to 9 days.

We can chose the format we are bidding for, as appropriate to the
venues, and people's experience of the DC14 format.


Stefano Rivera
  H: +27 21 461 1230 C: +27 72 419 8559

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