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DebCamp 22 Daily Announcements (Friday)

We're nearing the end of DebCamp, DebConf starts on Sunday.

Network upgrades
The Noisy hacklab, Lubardhi room, and Drini room have installed
additional WiFi APs. The uplinks will also be upgraded to Gigabit for

COVID-19 Safety
COVID-19 numbers in Kosovo have been going up in the last few days. We'd
recommend that you stay away from indoor spaces when out. If you have to
be, please wear a mask.

There are masks available at the Front Desk. If you need testing, wait
outside Front Desk and ask for somebody to hand you a kit outside.

Day Trip
Please add yourself to one of the day trip options on the wiki. Don't
wait until the last minute, if we need additional busses for a group,
we'd like to find out soon.

DebConf Share
Have you taken photos of DebConf? Share them (and archive them for the
future) in the debconf22 share repo. This is a git-lfs repo on salsa.
See the README for instructions:

The dormitory walls have ears
Please remember that the accommodation dormitory walls are thin. Be
polite to your neighbours, and let them sleep. They were probably
playing Mao and drinking rakia until 3am last night. Close doors behind
you slowly.
Please don't have loud conversations in the corridors, rooms, or
anywhere near the accommodation buildings.

Stamps available
Stamps for post-cards are available at front desk. They cost €0.50 each,
which we believe is also the flat-rate cost of a postcard to Europe, but
do check the postage with the post-office, we aren't 100% confident.

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