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Call for Proposals - MiniDebConf Online #2: Gaming Edition

Hi Debianites!

The second Online Mini-DebConf, centered around the theme
of gaming on Linux, will take place on 21 and 22 November, 2020.  If you
love games, and would like to contribute a talk, then please submit a
talk proposal via our website[1]. Talk slots will be 20 minutes or 45
minutes long,
including time for questions. We would prefer talks to be pre-recorded,
with a live Q&A session. If you have a strong
preference, then it's also possible to perform the talk live. In that
case, please make sure that you have a reliable
computer and Internet connection.

We are particularly keen to hear about the following topics:

 * Gaming engines

 * Game development on Linux or Debian

 * Content/asset creation using free software tools

 * Games already packaged in Debian or are viable to
   be packaged

 * Compatibility and performance tuning for running games
   on Linux

But don't let that list limit you, creativity is encouraged!

What we need from you:

  1. A title (doesn't have to be perfect, can be
     tweaked again closer to the event)

  2. A short (2-3 sentences) summary of your talk

  3. What timezone you are in (talks will run from
     10:00 - 20:00 UTC, Sat & Sun)

The majority of our audience will be comfortable hearing
talks in English, although talks in other languages are
welcome too.

To help us with scheduling, please send your talk proposal by
23 October. We may be able to accept late proposals too, if
there is still space left on the schedule. If in doubt, feel
free to reach out to the content team via e-mail[2].

Hope to see you there, it will be fun!

-Jonathan, from the MDCO#2 content team

[1] Submit your talk proposal here:

[2] Content team e-mail address: online-cfp@debconf.org

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