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DebConf20: Certificates of Attendance


In previous years we've issued certificates of attendance to those
who've asked for them for work or other reasons.

Since we've gotten some requests already, we've setup a procedure for
requesting them.

If you require a certificate of attendance (e.g. for work), please send
an email to taowa-dc20certs (at) debian.org specifying:

 - the name to which you'd like it issued
 - the purpose for which you need it
 - whether you need it signed, and if so, whether you need a PGP or
   digitized pen signature
 - a brief (~100 word) summary of what you've learned at DC20

The summary can be in point form if you'd like. Anyone who gave a talk
or completed a volunteer task is exempt from providing such a summary,
but please mention this in your mail (you are, of course, welcome to
include one if you'd like to).

For those who do not require a certificate, but who would nonetheless
like one, please follow the instructions above as well as starting your
subject line with "[NR]".

It might take me a couple weeks to get around to all of these.

Taowa, for the DebConf Participant Assistance Team
Taowa Munene-Tardif (they)

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