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DebConf20: Videos! (+ C&W, Lightning Talks reminder)

# Videos from previous DebConfs (and from DebConf20!)

The Debian video team maintains an archive of DebConfs talk videos. The
talks are available at multiple locations:

- The Debian video archive: https://video.debian.net/
- Peertube: https://peertube.debian.social/accounts/debconf
- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7SbfAPZf8SMvAxp8t51qtQ

The first DebConf20 videos are initially being published at the Debian
video archive. As new videos become ready, they will be uploaded to the
following location:


In the future, they will also be added to Peertube and Youtube.

# Cheese, Wine and Lightning

It is still possible to submit Cheese and Wine contributions and
Lightning Talk proposals through today. For details on both, please
consult yesterday's message at:


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