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DebConf20: Group photo and Ad-hoc sessions

The first day of DebConf20 is underway, and has been as success so far.

There are the announcements we have for today.

# Group photo

If you'd like to be included in the DebConf20 group photo, please submit
a selfie to Aigars, our official DebConf paparazzo, so that he can
assemble the picture from those. Detailed instructions are available in
his original mail:


# Scheduling ad-hoc sessions

When DebConf starts, it's normal that several ideas for ad-hoc sessions
pop up in our minds. If you would like to schedule an ad-hoc session,
you can submit it through the DebConf20 website normally, and get in
touch with the content team via content@debconf.org or #debconf-content
on IRC. Let us know if you have a prefered date and time for it, and we
will try to accomodate your request (first come, first served).


Unfortunately, all of our spaces for recorded activities are taken, so
ad-hoc sessions will not be recorded. After the activity is accepted,
the system will generate a Jitsi URL for you, which you will be able to
get in the corresponding talk page.

Most of our recommendations for remote sessions (audio, video, etc) also
apply to ad-hoc session.


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