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[Debconf-announce] Grouph photo (and other photos)

Most important things first: group photo will happen tomorrow, just before lunch (as scheduled). If all is fine, the location will be the grassy area just before the stadium fence that you can reach by exiting the venue via the main entrance (2701), turning left after the temporary construction fence, going down stairs to a parking lot and walking straight for another 100 meters. 

In an unlikely case of rain (<20% chance right now) the photo will be taken in the green hacklab.

I will recruit ushers from every talk room and hacklab to show people to the right spot, so please be in the talk rooms or hacklabs during that time. If you are in a shower or any other place, you'll likely miss the photo.

Group photo will be published and many other my photos are already published:

Rhonda will also be organising a Debconf t-shirt photo right after the group photo, so check the wiki to sign up and make sure to wear that t-shirt tomorrow if you checkmark is marked bold or if you see that there are few checkmarks in that year (3, 7, 9 look sparse): https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/DebconfShirts

If you want to allow others to see your Debconf17 photos, adding them to debconf-share git annex repository is a good choice ;) Same can be said about you talk slides.

And finally a privacy note - if you see a photo of you that you would prefer not to be published, please contact me either directly of via orga or anti-harassment team. Same if you'd prefer that no photos of you are taken during the event. I will do my best to accommodate that. 

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