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[Debconf-announce] The Video Team wants YOU to volunteer!

Dear all,

With more than 100 scheduled sessions on the conference program, the DebConf
Video Team needs your help!  We want to allow people who couldn't make it to
the conference to follow the sessions, either through live streaming or through
the recordings that we make available after the conference.

This year, we have brand new cameras and mixing equipment. The three main rooms
(Buzz, Rex and Bo) are going to be recorded and live-streamed. Of course, that
will only happen if there are volunteers to help us.

No prior experience is required: we have tasks for everyone, we run regular
training sessions, and we'll let you choose what you're comfortable with. Come
join us!

The list of on-site tasks is as follows:
    - Camera operator: don't fall asleep. Point a camera at the speaker or at
the attendee asking a question;
    - Audio mixer: make sure the speaker and audience questions can be heard
loud and clear;
    - Video mixer / director: do the live mixing of the camera inputs and the
presenter slides.

There is also two roles with a lesser priority, as they can somewhat be filled
in by the talkmeister if we run out of volunteers:

    - Room coordinator: ensure that all the volunteers are here and ready to
perform their tasks, be ready to fix issues on the fly;
    - Audio runner: set up the speaker headsets before the beginning of the
talk. Run around the room handing a microphone to people asking questions.
All volunteers will need to register for tasks on the DebConf website:

We will also need volunteers to review the recordings when the day is done,
making sure that the start and end are correct so that we can publish the
videos as soon as possible.

A short Video Team volunteer introduction meeting will happen today, on Friday
August 4th, at 16:00, in the NOC (room B2206). Please join us if you would like
to volunteer.

Volunteer training sessions will happen every day, at least for the first few
days of the conference. The first training session will happen when the first
room (Rex) is set up, the current target for that is Friday August 4th at

Let's make DebConf accessible to all!

Nicolas Dandrimont
for the DebConf Video Team

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