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[Debconf-announce] Ad-hoc (or self-scheduled) sessions: The process

Over the years, ad-hoc sessions have become an important part of
DebConf. Even though we put our best efforts into curating and
scheduling what we hope to be a great set of talks, the pace of
interactions is too high; ideas get bounced around, and new
discussions pop up during conversations. Ideas that you will want to
share or discuss more widely, in BoF sessions!

So, for that to happen, we rely on the ad-hoc (also known as
self-scheduled) sessions. The process for scheduling ad-hoc talks is
as follows:

 1. Register your session in Wafer; please mark it as belonging to the
    ad-hoc track. Only sessions registered in Wafer will be scheduled.

    1.1 Do note that you can schedule sessions you had submitted for
        DebConf but were not accepted for the main program.

 2. There will be a whiteboard available at the Front Desk with the
    available slots for the next day. Write up your talk ID in the
    slot you want to use. The whiteboard is authoritative and speaks
    the truth!

    2.1 You are invited to also write up the title and your name, so
        it serves as an early indication/advertisement to others that
        might look

    2.2 Only slots for the next day will be available. Self-scheduling
        can only be done at the end of dinner (19:00) of the day
        before. At that time, a photo of the whiteboard will be taken,
        and it will be emptied for the next day.

    2.3 Over the day, we will work on a best-effort basis to update
        the schedule online. We can only commit to update it at the
        end of the day.

    3. Every morning, we will put up schedule printouts for the day,
       with your self-scheduled sessions included.

    4. For logistical reasons, only Rex, Woody and Potato will be
       available for self-scheduling.

    5. No video coverage will be provided for self-scheduled sessions.

       5.1 Note that if recording the video and making it available is
       	   important to you, it can usually be done with decent
       	   results using personal cameras. If you do it and the
       	   resulting quality is satisfying, it can be accepted in the
       	   meetings-archive, under a contrib/ directory.

For any further questions. ask your friendly Content Team members on site!

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