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[Debconf-announce] GSoC students - Slides !

Dear GSoC mentors and students at DebConf,

as you know, the GSoC Students presentation [GSP] are scheduled 
tomorrow. As Nicolas will not make it to this event, I'm happily taking 
over, with help from Molly.

In order to make these talks the best experience for all involved 
people, please (both mentors and students) make sure to send me your PDF 
presentations before 12:00 CEST [specreq]. I'll try to publish the list 
of talks around this time.

Also, mentors and students, make sure to be around and ready at least 10 
minutes before your talk starts, and ideally during the whole session.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come to me!


[GSP] https://summit.debconf.org/debconf15/meeting/358/gsoc-students-presentations/
[specreq] If you have special requirements (live-demo, video, etc), 
please talk to me as early as possible.

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