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[Debconf-announce] Welcome to DebCamp!

Hello everybody,

DebCamp has started, welcome to the first part of DebConf15!

Venue Information

If you have arrived already and wonder where everything is, a general
overview of the venue can be found in this (placeholder, so far, please
feel free to enhance) map:


An overview of the preliminary meeting room assignments during DebCamp
is at:


Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the house rules:

Quiet times during DebCamp (as we don't have exclusive access yet) are
23:00 to 07:00.


Proper WiFi will be rolled out during Monday. You will be able to
connect using:

ESSID: DebConf
password: debconf


One card reader failed and the printers are acting up. We hope to have
this fixed. If there are any complications, let front desk call us (on
the radio) and we'll sort it out.

Please also see
In particular, please make sure to bring your receipt along for later
conference check-in (see next), if applicable.

Badges etc.

We've just received them and the front desk folks will start passing
them out on Monday from 16:00 to 17:00 near the hostel reception.
Generally, we'll ask you to wear your badge at all time at the venue.
Please get it as soon as you can.

Bags, t-shirts, swag, etc. will then follow later this week. Stay tuned.


We started to assemble some information about DebCamp on
the following wiki pages:


Feel free to add relevant information to that page.

DebCamp HackLabs

The following rooms are currently designated as HackLabs during DebCamp:

 * Room Berlin/London (ground floor)
 * Room Amsterdam (first floor)
 * Room Stockholm (first floor)

We are going to be setting these up starting Monday.

Please note that Berlin/London and Amsterdam will be talk rooms during
DebConf and as such are likely not available from Thursday due to
Video-Team buildup.

Also, during DebCamp we do not have exclusive access to the venue, so
HackLabs may have to be closed during quiet times, especially if noisy.

Right now, there are no power strips in the Hacklabs, but we plan to 
provide those ASAP.

For further information, see the following wiki page:


An overview of the DebCamp sprints can be found here:


So far, only the Listmaster sprint (in room Wien, second floor) and the
Haskell sprint (in room Zürich, third floor) have rooms assigned, the
other sprint teams should just self-organise.

The content team welcomes further ad-hoc sprints, if your team needs
dedicated space and facilities, please write to content@debconf.org

Enjoy DebCamp,

The DebConf team

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