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[Debconf-announce] First set of talks accepted; we are still waiting for yours!

Hi everybody,

We're now in the middle of the talk submission period. Our new web interface
doesn't allow to show all the proposals and we decided to start accepting
some talks in order to inspire you to propose your own talks.

The following talks have been already accepted:

* Outsourcing your webapp maintenance to Debian

* bugs.debian.org -- Database Ho!

* use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group

* Status of the Debian OpenPGP keyring

* seeing Debian through a Functional lens

* Debsources: powering sources.debian.net

* A glimpse into a systemd future

* New Network Interface Manager for Debian: ifupdown2

If your talk is not on the list doesn't mean is not accepted, don't panic!

And now, we're calling you all to bring up your best Debian-related
ideas, proposals, stories. To think about what you want to organize
a discussion on. Which tracks would you like to coordinate or see
populated with interesting talks.

Talks are the main ingredient for a successful, interesting, discussion-sparking
DebConf. Don't be shy, and read how to submit your talk at:


Ana on Behalf of DebConf's Talks team

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