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[Debconf-announce] Video Streams are now available


Sorry for the late notification about the video streams. We’ve been
rather busy down here. However, DebianDay is about to start, and it
looks, like it will turn out to be a great event!

The Video Setup is finished, too. The easiest way to watch the streams
and to participate via irc is by using the "Web 2.0" thingy at

You can also point your preferred video player at
http://video.debconf.org:8000/Roundroom.ogv for the smaller round room,
or http://video.debconf.org:8000/Auditorium.ogv for the larger
auditorium, where DebianDay will take place.

The full schedule for the entire conference is available at
http://penta.debconf.org/dc11_schedule/index.en.html. As usual we’ll
make the videos available for download later.

Best regards,
  Alexander, on behalf of a quite busy h01ger

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