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[Debconf-announce] Wine and Cheese party update

Dear participants of this wonderful event,
I'd like to inform you that the preparations are under way. In case you brought cheese, I would like to ask you to deliver it to one of the volunteers from this list:
  • Judit Foglszinger
  • Karolina Kalic
  • Ana Carolina Comandulli
  • Axel Beckert
  • Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
  • Vedran Omeragic
However, it is important that you bring the cheese no sooner than 10:00 AM of Monday, 25th July, and no later than 16:00 PM of the same day! I would also like to ask you to make some kind of a note about the cheese, where is it from and what's the name of that cheese (in case someone likes it and would like to buy some more of it...).

Kind regards,

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