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Re: Can Bluray Players see ISO9660 Filesystems?


Roger wrote:
> Glad to see a heart beat on this mailing list!  After sending, thought this
> mailing list was completely  inactive!

It nearly is inactive. Once it was a common discussion forum for
free burn programs. I fear that we have no Blu-ray video experts here.

> I noticed the "-udf" option for mkisofs [...] creating
> a bridged or hybrid type filesystem. [...]
> So this should create a
> readable BD-R media for TV bluray players, but not necessarily playable due
> to a missing directory structure/file?

Afaik, mkisofs can prepare an UDF hybrid for DVD video players.
See its option -dvd-video and the examples in the web.
There are tools like http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/ which use mkisofs
to produce the UDF filesystem around their video specific files.
But for Blu-ray there seems to be no similar tool.

i wrote:
> >Try (by a BD-RE medium to avoid waste)

> Yup, after two days, finally found my boxed-up DVD+RW & BD-RE media.
> Making this a little more difficult, the Linux pktcdvd driver is slated as
> deprecated/removal, albeit oddly since 2016 and still is within the kernel.

You don't need pktcdvd if you burn the medium by a burn program.

This driver is needed only if you want to write by normal POSIX I/O
functions to formatted CD-RW or DVD-RW. Its job is to bundle the write
operations to full 32 KiB chunks, which the media in question expect
as transaction size.

DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, and BD-RE have a transaction size of 2 KiB. They can
be written by POSIX means without the help of pktcdvd. I.e. you can format
a filesystem on them and mount it for reading and writing.
(Only problem is that it will be darn slow, make noises, and wear off
 your BD drive quicker than burn programs would do.)

> Hopefully I don't have to waste money on a TV bluray player for checking on
> this filesystem readability issue.

I would expect mixed results, depending on the age and maker of the player.
If you need to have the BD play on arbitrary players, then i expect that
you have to use a Blu-ray authoring tool on MS-Windows or MacOS.

Have a nice day :)


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