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Re: Can Bluray Players see ISO9660 Filesystems?


Roger wrote:
> Can bluray players view ISO9660 filesystems?

It depends on the operating system that shall interpret the filesystem.
If the Blu-ray drive is attached to a PC-like computer with general
purpose operating system, then: yes.
If the drive is in a video player box with its own (obscure) operating
system, then ISO 9660 might not be usable.

> If so, is it preferable to still use "growisofs -udf -iso-level 3 ..."?

Option -udf will give it a UDF superblock and directory tree. Most
system will prefer this over the ISO 9660 superblock and tree.

> Suggestions feedback for creating/backing-up photos/video to BDR with TV
> Bluray player hardware support?

Wikipedia says you need UDF 2.50 or higher and you have to provide a
particular directory structure:
I am not aware of a program which would produce this on Linux or BSD.
Some people use Wine and old versions of MS-Windows Blu-ray authoring

Try (by a BD-RE medium to avoid waste) whether your target player can
access files in the UDF version of growisofs/mkisofs or in ISO 9660.

Have a nice day :)


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