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Re: cdrecord command question

Le 22 juillet 2014, Guri Grewal a écrit :

I may be using incorrect email address; therefore, I am resending
my email. Here is the clarification to my question, it is my understanding
cdrecord command can also be used to burn(record) iso file, clone CD. I wanted
to know if the cdrecord command can also be used to burn or  record the actual CD TOC (ex 150 0001 0002
0003 0004 0005 0006) to a blankCD?

I'm not an expert but in case no one else answers: I think cdrecord generates automatically the TOC according to the tracks you give it to burn.

What's not clear in your question is: do you want to burn the TOC only? (i.e. without burning any data?)

Lucas Levrel

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